Thursday, August 2, 2007

The Air Ship -- a Musical Farce Comedy for your Wall

As we were purusing our morning electro-papers this morning over coffee (half a mile apart, sigh), Mr. Brumfield kindly pointed me to this posting on Paleo-Future on The Air Ship: A Musical Farce Comedy. Now musical theatre is not the focus on this blog, but since this particular show comes with some lovely posters, I thought I would share.

Don't you just adore the bicycling airship mother with twins?

Matt at Paleo-Future points out that there are many places online to buy posters like those shown below but I would recommend downloading the Library of Congress files here and here and bringing them to your favorite photo-printing establishment that can handle poster-sized prints.

Given the appropriate framing, and perhaps with a small novelty airship hanging close by, this would make a lovely addition to your wall.


Anonymous said...
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daysease said...

OH, that is great!!! I have never even heard of this. But that picture with the mother and the twins IS great!!!

denimull said...

Just read this blog entry and thought I'd give other readers a little printing and copyright caveat to your suggestion to downloading images from the Library of Congress.

Printing Issue: I test downloaded the .tiff version of the image (.tiff is the better file version to use for quality printing) and checked the image size and resolution and found that the digital image size is less than 1" x 2" with 2500dpt resolution. What this means is if you want a good quality print, you can only enlarge this digital image up to 6" x 8" max. Most posters are 11" x 17" or larger.

Copyright issue: You can only print any image that is copyrighted, as this image is, for personal use, HOWEVER, many print shops, including those like Kinko's will refuse to print ANY image without the paperwork showing that you have been given copyright permission for reproduction even if it is for your personal use and not for resale. To print an copyrighted image without formal permission, knowingly or unknowingly, opens the printer to hefty fines that could economically damage most local print shops.

Basically, it comes down to this - before downloading the digital files to a CD or flash drive to take to a print shop, check the actual size of the digital file (optimal print quality requires 300dpi resolution at the desired finished print size) and talk to the printer to make sure they will print the image. Be up front and honest about the copyright status and the image's final use.


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