Friday, July 13, 2007

Interview the Designers of the Edison Bar -- Submit your Questions!

I have some very exciting news...

The designers of the Edison Bar -- Stacie Jaye Meyer and Tony Egan -- have agreed to be interviewed by The Steampunk Home.

Stacie is a decorative painter, and while most of her work isn't visible on Dave Bullock's popular flickr set, she does have some shots on her website (choose "commerical" -- the first 5 are of the Edison Bar). Here is a quick small sample:

I'm not entirely sure what Tony did, but I assume a substantial amount of "everything else."

I'd like to do this interview in a style pioneered by Slashdot -- with reader submitted questions. If you would submit your questions in the comment section below, I'll edit it down to 10 or so good ones, send it to Stacie and Tony, and publish the results. Of course, I'll give the submitters links/credits (don't forget to include your website if you want a link).

I'm about to leave for my summer vacation -- expect a blogging hiatus for a while, but some good Ottoman Empire Steampunk posts when I get back -- so I'm going to take questions in the comments for 2 weeks.

So -- start thinking! What do you want to know about the Edison Bar? Where they sourced all those cool generators? What was the inspiration? How you can get the same effects for your home?

Please help me spread the word so we get some good questions!


Unknown said...

Would it have been posible to keep the generators functional and able to make power in case of an outage insted of just being decorative?
Maybe you did do this or did you consider it but find it imposible for various reasons? It would be potentaly very usefull as we aproach peak oil.

Ben W. Brumfield said...

I'd love to know how they came up with the walls. What is the material? What's the design?

Ben W. Brumfield said...

The first commenter got me thinking: what possiblities were there to put the machines in motion? All this industrial equipment has some neat possiblities as kinetic sculpture.

Sammy Moir said...

Perhaps you would enjoy the website on which I display my artwork.


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