Friday, July 6, 2007

Links for the week of July 1

  • Scientific Collectables -- Original scientific devices!
  • Japonaiserie from the Voyages of a Steampunk Physician. I've neglected the Asian influence on is the good doctor's remedy.
  • Cascade Coil Drapery via Apartment Therapy. Although you usually see it in silver/chrome colors, this chainmail style metallic drapery also comes in brass.
  • Brass Caning for Windows and Glass at HGTV -- an interesting way to "upgrade" your windows into a more formal appearance. I wonder if you could design some decidely steampunk motifs into windows? Gears? Cogs? Pipes?
  • Steve's Wierd House via Grow a Brain.
  • Johnny Swing and his amazing nickel couch. Thanks commenter Sara!
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