Thursday, August 9, 2007

A peek into Datamancer's workshop

As you know, workshops represent the heart and soul of a steampunk house -- I daresay many of you have workshops with more steampunk style than the rest of your house -- and the Wall Street Journal online has been gracious enough to give us an intimate look at Datamancer's.

The video is about his lovely projects, but let's see what ideas we can get from the glimpses of the workshop it affords:

First, Mr. Datamancer himself with some lab bottles over his shoulder and an intiguing (just what is it?) brass lattice in the background.

Second, a lovely starboard ship lantern casts a red glow over the entire room.

Third, a "parts clock" (it's feet are now part of his steampunk laptop), but it sits on a nice sideboard and has a another ship lantern in the background.

Of course, the most glamorous shots of Mr. Datamancer's shop are on his website, so be sure to check it out.

Update: Datamancer points out that there are some nice shots of the corner of his workshop with the computational engine on his website. I love the arabesque framing around the shelves full of steampunk equipment.


Unknown said...

Haha thanks! That was my first time on video and I certainly learned a few things from it.
1)Don’t shoot video when you’ve been awake for 30 hours
2)don’t shoot video in 104 degree weather with 9000% humidity and no air conditioning (I don't normally have a frizzy afro and faceslime).
3)project your voice like you’re in a play because those mics don’t pick up any bass in your voice at all. I sound like the biggest nerd alive!

Anywho, thanks. I'm glad you like 'the lab'. I'm in the middle of packing to move right now so everything was just sort of pushed into the corners and swept under the rug for the video piece. I actually had to unpack the Computational Engine and put it all back together for him (new pics on the site of that, btw). Hopefully when I get to Cali, I'll be able to set up a better workspace.

Unknown said...

Minor correction. It's a port light. Starboard lights are green.

Unknown said...

great scots, how extraordinary! gave it a mention here …


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