Monday, August 13, 2007

Bowery Hotel

(from the NY Post's Blog.)

I've run across pictures of New York's Bowery Hotel twice in the last week, and each time, I've peered at them and said "Hmm.... could that be steampunk?" I don't mean steampunk-steampunk, but rather the ambience and style that, with appropriate projects and devices, would fit into our little fantasy of what steampunk is.

I'm still undecided -- the style is described as "Old World" and "Bohemian." I do like the colors and richness of the look -- nothing minimal here!

Since I haven't actually been there, I thought I would present some quotes and pictures from around the aetherweb and let you decide:

Designer Sean MacPherson told the New York Times: The look? "Everything is handpicked, all antiques and old rugs, like our version of the Algonquin."

(via TripAdvisor)

More pull quotes from a recent NY Times article:
Dripping candles and mismatched wooden chairs gave the large space the feel of a Transylvanian inn.

...the Lobby Bar, a music-free space that recalls old New York with dim lamps, wooden ceiling fans and tapestries. A couple snuggled up and sipped Champagne, while larger groups languished on leather couches and velvet benches or in the gated outdoor patio.

“The British colonial-era vibe is such a great change from all the mod, stiff hotel bars that are taking over New York.”

From a different New York Times review:
the hotel evokes the Gilded Age of red waistcoats, hand-set bricks and wood-paneled elevators.

The handsome lobby, a dark and moody space, feels like an Old World drawing room, with faded tapestries, Moroccan tiles and iron lamps.

The room was graceful without being dainty, with d├ęcor that suggested Restoration Hardware with a boho-chic twist: accordion brass lamps, old Oriental rugs, sturdy wood tables and hunter-green velvet chairs. There were some nice custom touches — cast-iron stars on a wall, a recessed headboard

Reminiscent of a prewar bathhouse, with old marble floor slabs, white subway tiles and antique brass fixtures

I'm not so sure about the bedrooms:

But the bathroom is pretty sweet, with lots of brass:

(Last 4 pictures from TripAdvisor.)

(Previous 3 photos from Hotel Chatter.)

Want more? There are more pictures on Danny Seo's blog and some more on flickr.

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