Monday, August 20, 2007

Lethal Chandelier

M, over at Curious Expeditions, recently pointed me to this amazing church chandelier crafted of the detritus of war -- shell casings, swords, and cannon parts.

M asked if it could be considered Steampunk decor? With all the power invested in me simply by editing and writing this blog, I'm going to say "yes". After all, it is a Victorian object (chandelier), made from reused industrial age objects (cannons and shells), with a touch of both the Gothic (not required to be steampunk, but definitely does not hurt) and the post-apocalyptic. Oh, yes -- I forgot to mention it is brass.

The whole idea of "trench art" is fascinating -- jewelry and decorative home goods wrought by soliders in the trenches of WWI (and most every war before then). Two other expamples from the Curious Expedition post:

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