Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Quandry Design's Found Objects Furniture

You may not realize it, but I am a (proud) Texan. What that means to my steampunk aesthetic is that I like the "Old West" influenced steampunk. Firefly & Serenity? Love it. Wild Wild West? Cool. Legend? Haven't seen it, but on the list. (Are there any Western steampunk novels or comics? I can't think of any off the top of my head....)

With that in mind, I wanted to introduce some work by Quandry Design. Quandry specializes in high end western furniture, but the Found Objects series features a lot of reused technology parts -- old tractor parts, gear patterns, sprocket wheels, saw blades, and a brake rotor -- in a style that works very nicely as western steampunk.


Unknown said...

As to Western Steampunk comics, I read some of the Trigun manga a while back and it was somewhat Western and somewhat Steampunk.

Holly said...

Um, I know it's bad form to promote one's own stuff, but I just sold a Weird West/fantasy/steampunkish novella to It's called End of the Line and it's due out next February. Til then, I have a companion piece titled "Sikeston" on my website at

Both stories are about a cowboy who sees dead people, and the mysterious bluestocking who sends him on spooky adventures, hunting ghosts & vampires & such.

Holly said...

Oh, and I realize you don't know me from Eve... I found your site from Brass Goggles. My husband and I are in the middle of remodelling our 1914 house and I come here looking for ideas. Thanks!

Mr. Natural said...

Thanks for the tip on this furniture maker! ALL of my art is from found objects. I even hate to go to the hardware store to buy rivets! Glad to see you are still at it here at The Steampunk Home!

Joe Chasse


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