Wednesday, August 29, 2007

ebay scavenging...

Spent some time today poking around Ebay looking for things to use in the house. Thought I'd share these with you -- but there are plenty, plenty more.

Large Shell Casings
I'm not sure what you would do with these, but I thought they were neat. Bud vases, perhaps?

Antique Switch Plate

Just the switch part, without the cover plate, costs $35 new... so far this is a steal. And way cool. I'm going to bid on it for my hallway.

Also worth checking out is this Lightning Rod -- I can't get an image, and I can't tell if it's antique or not from the description, but it does look pretty unique.


Unknown said...

You can also get brand new Push Button Light Switches.
They are less expensive than the one one eBay, and guaranteed to work.
By buying new, you also make sure that you are getting matching plates.
Here's one source...

I manage an old house website and lots of our members own Victorians and there are a huge amount of resources that would supply SteamPunk designers.

Anonymous said...

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