Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Steampunk Interiors of Tuomas Korpi

I recently ran across a link to Tuomas Korpi's artwork on the Steampunk Forums. I love the broken down magnificence. The light quality is wonderful -- all icy grey or warm sunshine. (Too bad we can't all have vaulted glass domes in our homes...)

Tuomas says I am huge fan of steampunk myself and I certainly consider some of my works as a steampunk - well at least I've tried to capture the atmosphere and style of applying something 18-19th century technology and roman or english and soviet architecture etc. to huge scale of buildings etc.

His interiors come from his imagination, inspired by images he sees online.

He doesn't sell prints, but will sell high resolution images for printing for about $50 each. (Use the contact email on his website to discuss specifics with Tuomas.)

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