Monday, August 6, 2007

Steampunk Refrigerator?

I was browsing refrigerators this weekend with some family members looking for a new one, and was struck by some of the trends in refrigerator aesthetics that would fit nicely into a steampunk kitchen.

The first is Kenmore's new Pro series with -- get this -- analog dials. Sure, it's still stainless steel, which is not at all steampunk, but it's nice and industrial looking to be able to check the fridge and freezer temperature by looking at these nice gauges on the front.

Second is the new Jenn-Air Oiled Bronze Kitchen Suite. According to the marketing spiel, "the subtle interplay between bronze and copper allows oiled bronze appliances to blend beautifully with rustic, modernist, or classic town and country settings." Not entirely sure about that, but I did like the "old metal" look of it. I'd try to replace the stainless steel handles with something custom, but

The coolest fridge by far is the Elmira Stoveworks Antique Styled Fridge. Available in 2 depths, they come in black, white, bisque, blue, red, or green. You can get brass or copper door frames and handles. (Imagine a black fridge with brass frames and handles...)

Last, one of the trends in refrigerators is the ability to replace the fronts (and sides) with custom panels (in theory to match your cabinets, though they wouldn't have to). Viking makes some that you can put any 3/4" thick surface on. Imagine the possibilities: embossed copper, polished brass (wonder if it would be too heavy?), leather.... Frankly the creative openendedness is a bit overwhelming.


Herzog the HouseCat said...

I've been noticing a lot of oiled bronze in home decorating as an option. I kind of like it, it's very subtle and isn't just evocative of Steampunk, which I love, but also very Roman and Greek textures.

OhanaTribe said...

Just came across your blog. We have a 1880 Victorian home that has undergone a three year whole house renovation. Our goal was to bring the beautiful character of this house back to life but to also move it into the 21st century. We wanted to blend it's vintage charm with modern amenities. For the kitchen, we choose the Oiled Bronze appliances. They are really lovely. The kitchen should be completely finished in the next two months - if you're interested I can send you pictures.


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