Monday, January 7, 2008

Library with a touch of the exotic

I ran across this renovated San Francisco Victorian in the November Better Homes and Gardens. Is there any room more steampunk than a libary? (Ok... maybe a workshop. Maybe.)

There are lots of good steampunk ideas here -- the silk ceiling shade provides a touch of fantasy, the secret powder room behind the bookshelf adds mystery, the corner moldings in the doorway would be easy to install in any open framed space to add details. These bookshelves are likely built-in, but you can get a similar look by attaching molding to plain bookshelves. If you peek into the powder room, you'll get a glimpse of the East -- a Chinese wall hanging and a paper lantern.

I found a similar pendant shade at Lombok (this was surprising hard to find -- if anyone else knows where to find a shade like this, I'd be very interested in hearing about it, since I'm smitten with this one.)

For the door frame, you can pick up shelf brackets from the local building supply store, or order some from someplace like House of Antique Hardware

More libraries.


Curtis L. said...

That is an interesting shade. Closest thing I've seen to it was an Ikea floor lamp that had a pendant that came off of it. Had a nice, deep red twisted silk shade to it. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find it on their site any more.

And just so this comment isn't completely unhelpful, I don't know if you have come across it but Rejuvination has some pretty interesting antique and reproduction lighting and fixtures. Some that could be very steampunk-y methinks (if not a bit pricey).


Sara said...

Hi Curtis --

I love Rejuvenation, although they are pricey. I have an art deco chandelier from them over my dining room table.

I've also mentioned them on some lightbulb posts...

phlegmfatale said...

Congratulations. That lamp is a Fortuny and those lamps broke my heart about 15 years ago when I first fell in love with them and realized I'll probably never have the 4K to 15K my favorite designs cost. Still, we can enjoy looking, and the Lombok lamps are a lovely alternative. I might try to dye or stain the white fabric to an aged parchment color, but they have great lines at a not-so-heartbreaking price, no doubt.

Sara said...

Thanks, PhlegmFatale. That's definitely it, and it's definitely pricey.

I'm surprised the mass marketing retailers haven't reproduced this for "the rest of us" yet. Although I was reminded of a lamp that's similar to a smaller fortuny that is still available at the Target website.

When I was looking for the one in the picture, I came across this one which, at $295, is perhaps slightly more affordable than the Fortuny it resembles.

phlegmfatale said...

You're most welcome.
Didja ever see that film Shallow Grave? The protagonists live in a fabulous flat in Edinburgh, and in their entry area, they have 3 pendant cloth lamps I always thought were some of the coolest ever-- it's funny how a design idea wraps around your brain and somehow it becomes your ideal.

Anyway, here's to the $295 alternative, which is still expenisve enough, but not so vastly out-of-reach!

michele3873 said...

Actually this is the pottery barn Medina Lamp. They made them as pendant lights as well as floor and table lamps. Pottery barn no longer sells these lamps, but you may be able to find a used on on ebay if you are lucky. They retailed for $149.

I have the PB medina pendant lamp and it is a very pretty light...but not as lovely as a fortuny lamp...those things are just stunning. Then again...they cost a small fortune.

Marisa said...

It's been a while (a year!) since you've posted, but I've got a Medina floor lamp to sell with 3 different shades - red beaded, yellow beaded, and blue silk. Perfect condition.
- marisa at the haralsons dot com

Sara said...

Marisa, do you have any pictures of the one you want to sell? I might be interested, and if I'm not, I'll post it for you. (Tell me how much, too...)

Ozymandiaz said...

I have an identical chandelier (Pottery barn Medina chandelier in Ivory). It really is pretty in the right setting with a slightly eclectic/bohemian vibe. Im thinking of swapping mine out for a Nelson saucer pendant, so please let me know if you're still interested in getting hold of one. I can email you pictures

Sara said...

Ozymandiaz -- I would be interested! Can you email me more info? saracarl at gmail dot com?



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