Monday, January 7, 2008

Steampunk style for the modern home

It's interesting when I see steampunk style pieces in very non-steampunk rooms. Industrial styling, after all, has become a big part of modern design. (I wish I had scanned the CB2 catalog cover that had a large clock gear in the background for you...)

I ran across this home in today's decor8 -- it's very modern, but worth a look-see for ideas on how to integrate steampunk style pieces into an Ikea-modern home.

There are a number of pieces here I'd be happy to have in a steampunk home -- the exterior tower, the kitchen stools, the Gothic church bench, the spotlights, the leather chairs.

One of my goals this year is to provide a better "service" to my readers -- I think finding and reporting on cool steampunk rooms is a start, but I want to supplement that with some ideas on how to get from where you are to your dream home -- whether that's a full Victorian home, a loft with gothic and industrial elements, or someplace in between. Hopefully this example shows that you don't have to have the perfect house, or a room full of ideal furniture, to start integrating some steampunk into your design.

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Art Donovan said...

Great post and a Great Blog!

I'm greatly ooking forward to more.
All Best wishes this New Year to you and yours.


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