Wednesday, January 30, 2008

From Planes to Furniture

Furniture designer Giancarlo de Astis designs wonderful furniture out of old airplane parts.

Il Cardine, a lamp from mahogony and an aircraft door hinge.

Il Sole, made of jet engine turbine blades and burl walnut. (The knights of the round table would have loved it!)

According to his website, Giancarlo earns his artistic license in the American West, where creative man-hours are embedded in the shapes of thousands of airplanes glimmering under intense heat awaiting their irrevocable meltdown in the desert bone yards of Arizona.

Similar to old prospectors spotting potential sites, Giancarlo delicately selects each airplane part that beams the brilliance of its engineered design.

A trip to the junkyard has never sounded so romantic!

Thanks to reader Gary for sending me these.

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