Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Chemical Appeal at CB2

One of the few places the pervasive "modern" style intersects with steampunk is in laboratory style (the other one is industrial, as we've recently seen). This means you can occasionally uncover affordable steampunk treasures in mass market home goods retailers.

I've mentioned CB2 before, and I recently perused their newest catalog. In addition to the beaker glass vases I have in my house, they've added some wine decanters in the shape of a volumetric flask. (Want the real thing? Indigo has some, but they're $20 compared to CB2's $15.)

The biggest surprise, however, is the Alchemy side table and stools. The Alchemy is a nice dark wood table top over a matte stainless steel lab stool bottom. The side table seems stuck at 20 1/4 inches high, but the stools are adjustable (I believe by spinning!) from 15 1/4 to 10 1/2 inches high. I just wish they made a small dinner table sized one I could use in my breakfast room.

The Victorian chemistry lab look has a lot of appeal -- the dark woods and clean lines work for a less fussy style than traditional Victorian interiors, or would be a good way to add some steampunk style to a transitional, modern, or eclectic home.

More science style.

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