Thursday, January 3, 2008

Adam Wallacavage Chandeliers

Malfeasances posted these lovely chandeliers shaped like octopodes* on the LJ steamfashion community.

The artist is Adam Wallacavage. His site has even more of the chandeliers, and is worth a look-see since many have fantastic shadows and peculiar settings.

The green one is very 20,000 Leagues, although I could do without the pink room.

His work will be on exhibit at the Jonathan Levine gallery in NYC in May. (More pictures from the gallery.)

*(It's properly octopodes, not octopi, or so says my linguist husband when the local 5 year old asked him recently)


Omar Cruz said...
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Herzog the HouseCat said...

A Latin scholar friend of mine commended my use of 'octopuses,' saying that was the correct pluralization. Fascinating topic!

Also, I covet the chandeliers.


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