Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Steampunk Range Hoods from Archive Designs

Ran across these range hoods by Archive Designs in a magazine yesterday.

Hammered nickel and distressed steel... it reminds me of an iron foundry (or something that would be in Lord Iron's house in Michael Moorcock's Silverheart)

He has a number of other interesting designs.

Some very industrial looking...
Beaten iron with hammered brass straps and rivets.

Others a bit more rustic...
Hammered copper with forged steel straps.

I really like this look -- trying to do something similar would be great for a fridge (more on that soon!), or a wall.

The site also has fireplace doors and screens, mailboxes, switchplates, and more fun things, but these were the most steampunk looking of the bunch.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Those range hoods totally are fantastic in design, it captures the steampunk aura completely. In my opinion, hand forged iron is one of the commonly used materials that is suitable in creating steampunk-themed items due to its aesthetic appeal.

In my home, hand forged iron hardware are a commodity due to my obsession to furniture made from it.


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