Saturday, August 25, 2007

Steampunk Refigerator, con't.

So I dragged the family to the suburbs today to check out the refrigerator I've been lusting over since the refrigerator post, the Elmira Stove Works Antique fridge:

Turns out it's a GE fridge that Elmira puts a fiberglass face on. (Slightly disappointing.) The price was just under $4000 US, and that was before a $500 charge for the nickel hardware. (There are a couple other models and different hardware types available, so prices vary. The picture above and what we saw are not the same fridge.)

I wrote down the model number and did some research. What we saw was a GE PSS25MGMBB, which is no longer for sale according to GE's website. The 2 alternatives GE suggested to me were both $1800, and a web search found someone who had bought one for $1500. (The web search also turned up some temperature control problems.) Hmmm....

As Ben said, would you mod a fridge for $3000?

So, scratch the Elmira Stove Works plan, and back to the drawing board. My new thought is one of the refrigerators you can install your own panels on:

GE has one for about $2600 (they are only charging about $200 above their basic model for giving you the privilege of putting your own face on). Surely for $1400 I can make, or find someone to make, a cool and interesting cabinet face for it.

Any sugestions on what, exactly I should do? I'm all ears.

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TwisterB said...

Okay, so I know this post is a million years old at this point, and by the time I get all caught up on your blog I will probably see you have a fridge now


Could you get a retro/rounded fridge and install, say, some submarine looking pieces on it? weld/glue the front entirely with cogs? paint the darn thing?

I think rather than spend 3,000 on mods you should mod it yourself, or pay a local handyman to do it.


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