Friday, August 17, 2007

Child Caves, Gypsy Wagons, Ship Cabins, and more

Heather, over at Cabinet of Wonders, has this long paean to the architectural pattern called the "child caves." She starts with Gypsy Vardos, meanders through childhood literature and her personal childhood fantasies, along the way touches on the modern Tiny House trend and the animal and people calming Squeeze Machine, and ends with a very meta realization that her Cabinet of Wonders is basically this cozy tiny place she's been seeking for -- a place "to store yourself, when you're deactivated".

It's lovely. Go read and enjoy. "Snug as a Bug in a Beautiful Box" at Cabinet of Wonders.

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daysease said...

wow, I loved this post... I went on over to her site and am excited to eventually peruse every bitty detail of it, as I have yours. :-) Thank you for the info, and for providing such interesting things to read and learn about. I love coming over here. :-)


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