Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Interesting round up of staircases, over here.

These two were the most steampunk -- quirky traditional and fantastic:

designer: Rodney Miller, Wood Innovations

Yes, it's a 17 ft mahogany slide, a job which took 15 months to finish

designer: Dave Stewart

Carved from one giant 140 ton kauri log taking a total of 500 man hours.

See the original post for more staircases, details, and pictures.


Unknown said...

I always wanted a house with an incredible staircase. Yeh, I can be weird about what I focus on.
The best staircase I've been on is the stone one that in the Walter's museum in Baltimore. It used to go to the arms/armour room. Not sure if its still the same.
It was narrow, all stone, with a tiny handrail. And I loved it. Still do.

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful structure, I like both, but specially the one build in the tree, is a real shame because to build something like this the tree must die, I hear about a people that can plant a tree and make it grow to this size using Generic Viagra as a fertilizer.


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