Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Adjustable Height Mechanical Table

OK, so I've been spending way to much time on eBay lately. Sigh.

Ran across this table base that I thought you all would enjoy. It's described as "Industrial chrome and iron mechanical table with central wheel controlling height of top circa 1930. "

That big wheel in the center? Turn it and the table height goes up and down. Start with a sideboard. Turn -- and you've got a tall desk. Turn again -- dinner for two. Turn again -- side table.

Unfortunately, it's part of a "live auction" that is eBay enhanced. That means you can place an absentee bid via eBay. (I'm unclear on whether you can bid via eBay during the actual auction or not). If you were to win it, you'd have to arrange shipping as well. Seems a bit complicated to me, but I just liked the picture. Then again, you might just live in Philadelphia and can go to the actual auction.

More pictures at the eBay listing.

1 comment:

Aaron Leiby said...

Do you have any additional cached info on this contraption? Surely more than one of these must have been made, I'd love to know if there are others available.


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