Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween: Necromance for your Home

I've been saving this for Halloween. For all you mad (or not so mad) scientists, Necromance has some wonderful old fashioned scientific supplies.

I liked this hot plate of a skeletal hand:

Pigeon Skeleton:

Turtle Shell:

Anatomy charts:

Plenty of other good things, including specimen jars and vials (these would be great in a kitchen -- or full of scary things on a mantel). Many are quite dark. Their prices are quite reasonable -- where else are you going to get a full size plastic replica of a skull for $36?

In addition to their website, Necromance has two storefronts in LA. Both look like lots of fun.

Other shopping posts.


Sarah said...

Hi, I'm a big fan of the blog.

I've been looking at GlitterBlue's jewelry online, and some of the pieces look a little Steampunk to me. Isn't this gorgeous?

Sara said...

Thanks for reading, Sarah.

Yes, gorgeous -- that heart pendant is one of the prettiest watch part pieces I've seen!


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