Monday, October 22, 2007

Douglas Little, Modern Alchemist

I've talked about Douglas Little before (and, indeed, I burn his Tincture of Winchester candle on my bedside table), but as we approach Halloween I thought another look would be appropriate. Mr. Little isn't steampunk -- rather a Modern Alchemist, a Purveyor of Curious Goods, and an Edwardian Dandy -- but he shares many steampunk sensibilities.

The best part of his website is the Press section -- if you poke around you'll find the two spreads he produced for House and Garden. They are full of wonderful things, arranged in a luxurious and opulent way.

1 comment:

Jared Gold said...

For all its grandeur, The entire world of Douglas Little has been stolen from others. Every idea, fabric swatch, and carcass was originally invented elsewhere. It really is too bad. He has no friends anymore, as all of them have provided an integral part of his vision, and then he discarded them. A true vampire, but with none of the elegance. Just a boring goof from the valley with no shame.


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