Sunday, October 28, 2007

Steampunk Room Plans by Faryndreyn

Tinkergirl was so kind as to send me a link to these wonderful "plans" developed by Melissa Koch/Faryndreyn on deviantArt

Gear Up Cafe by *Faryndreyn on deviantART

The Gear Up Cafe -- It's like someone from 1890 time traveled to the 50s and brought the traditional diner concept back.

Speaking of time, doesn't the clock at the end of the space just work? Want to do something similar? I found a seller on Ebay who makes a couple varieties of 48" clocks (which means it can be done...).

There's a similar 40" clock available online:

Her second room is a boy's room.

Boy's Room by *Faryndreyn on deviantART

It's a typical boys room -- dirty laundry and all -- but it just happens to be on an airship. I like all the references to pirates, robots, and aliens -- this is obviously an airship that travels between the stars.

TinkerGirl spotted the inspiration for the robot on the right -- do you recognize him? It's Tik-Tok who first appeared in L. Frank Baum's Ozma of Oz book.

Great job, Faryndreyn. You have a knack for taking the commonplace and making them steampunk. (Which is, after all, what this blog is trying to do as well.)

1 comment:

Melissa Koch said...

Hey there, this is Faryndreyn.

I'm happy that you liked my designs. I've always liked steampunk and recently found a new love of it through China Meiville's work "The Scar." The Gear-up Cafe is a "press-ganged" diner aboard a crusier that has been added to Armada's sprawling floating city. The work still needs some finishing touches in which the other boats outside the diner are cleaner and more visible.

As for the wind up toy: I was specifically thinking of "Tic Toc" from "Return to Oz" when I created him. Well spotted :)


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