Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Our "modern victorian" kid's table

Ben wanted to build Miss J (Steampunk Sprog? Steampunk Spawn? I'll give in and post a picture of her in her steampunk jacket before fall is over) a play table; I, of course, wanted it to to be attractive enough to "fit" in the house.

I found this table by designer John Reeves in some home decor magazine a year or so back:

A simple, elegant twist on a Victorian table, no?

So that's what Ben and my dad built:

We found a standard table leg at Lowe's, and quartered it to make the table legs. I wasn't involved in the actual table making (involved the purchase of a biscuit making machine, which made the table more expensive than a store bought option, but Ben very happy) but afterwards it was painted with a high gloss lacquer.

(note: The chairs are from Ikea, but I thought they looked right. The rug underneath is one of our Turkish souvenirs.)


Sally J. said...


Sara said...

Steampunklet! I love it!

Ms C said...

The table turned out quite good. I'm glad to get to see it...not quite what I'd imagined, but close.

Herzog the HouseCat said...

Quartering the legs sounds inspired. Also, it sounds like a great way to get 'more for less.'


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