Monday, October 22, 2007

MakerFaire Austin

The family and I went to Maker Faire Austin this weekend, and while the Neverwas Haul did not put in an appearance, there was still some steampunk goodness.

Two art-cycles. The one on th left was covered with music box mechanisms. I love how the one on the right looks like a Victrola.

Wooden Gear Clock, from Scrollsaw Magazine. (We picked up a copy of that issue, if you really want to make one.)


Unknown said...

I was there!!! It was awesome.
The Tesla coils were bad ass.
Also the woman making the bobbin lace was such a sweetheart!

CrashGrab said...

I was there! It was amazing! Somehow I missed the art-cycles , but I've seen them before at Burning Flipside. I really wish the Neverwas would've been there.

Dennis S. said...

I would love to know about building the Wooden Gear Clock.


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