Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Steampunk Shower

I just came across this shower on Desire to Inspire. I don't know anything about it other than the picture was taken by Morris Moreno, but how incredible. First, you've got the Victorian/Industrial tension between the cement shower "box" and the claw foot tub. Add in copper piping, decorative gauges, and a porthole -- wonderful!


Waterbug Guy said...

I'm in the process of installing a very similar shower with exposed brass/cooper pipes. A bit mind blowing to me is I have already purchased a temp gauge and will use an aluminum wheel for a porthole.

I thought it was going to be original. I see 2 gauges in the picture, which I thought might be too much. But now I see you can't have too many. Time to start looking for a pressure gauge. I think a Steampunker needs to know the exact temp in, F & C, as well as the water pressure of their shower.

My wife and I are building a Steampunk home here in Phoenix.
I was originally inspired by this site so thanks. I'll send some pictures.

Daniel Lee said...

Let's get the next installment in your Christmas wish list! I'm dying to see what else is out there that I can ask for too!!!

Daniel Lee said...

By the way, I love love love this blog and get so many ideas from it.

I just picked this little beauty up from TreasureGurus.com:


Waterbug Guy said...

Currently I have the valves installed.


Used a travertine paver, $5, as a base to attach the pipes. Kind of wanted to figure it all out before tile. I went more overboard on the brass bolts than I should have (if that possible).

Ian James Anthony said...

I'm glad to hear that your gauges will be functional, Waterbug, and not just tacked on for looks.

Arthur + Leslie Tarbell Donovan said...

Great Post! Thanks, Sara.

Mr.Natural said...

Love the porthole and guages!


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