Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Copper Kitchen

I ran across this kitchen at a Home Depot Expo in Fairfax County, Virginia a while back and was taken by all the shiny bright copper.

The copper really stands out against a black granite backsplash and counters.

The sink might be a bit much -- I think it would be impossible to keep this shiny. You can find some quite reasonably priced antiqued copper bathroom sinks, however.

The $6,000 copper hood by Abbaka Trading Company.

Closeup of the copper tile border.

The border and accent tiles featured old fashioned botanicals.

The entire kitchen might be a bit more than you would do in a "real" kitchen, but I think the idea of warm wood, copper accent tiles (You can find a variety of copper tiles with a quick Google search.), and black counters is really striking. A more "country" look would be to combine copper with white counters and backsplash.


Andy from Workshopshed said...

I'd imagine you'd need to be very careful with your choice of kitchen cleaners for that room.

Rosewort said...

Andy's right there.

This looks a bit like what my husband and I are hoping to do with our own farmhouse kitchen. Instead of copper fixtures, however, we've been contemplating a tin ceiling with a copper finish. Warm cherry wood stain on the cabinets and darker counters (we have white, currently - aiming for a nice deep mossy green).

The trickiest bit has been what to do with the flooring. Tile is easiest to maintain, but we'll need a high traffic one that doesn't cause the dogs to require pillows tied to their posteriors when they come running in for chow.

Great ideas here - I love the hood.

Mr.Natural said...

Andy is right. While it is truly beautiful, copper is way soft and will scratch and dent really easily. HEY THERE'S AN IDEA! Look for this fantasy stuff at HD's scratch and dent sale!

Eve said...

Is the copper coated so that it doesn't oxidize?

Unrelated, have you seen this?



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