Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Best of 2008

Welcome to 2009! I thought I'd take a moment to recap the best of last year.

The best, by all counts -- page visits, comments, referrals -- was Holly Black's Hidden Library.

My favorite part of the year was discovering artists like Art Donovan and Eric Freitas.

"Minimalist Steampunk?" was thought provoking and picked up by a number of other bloggers.

Let's not forget the Lost New York Times Steampunk Feature, which, among other things made me blush.

What was your favorite post of 2008?


Dess said...

I loved the bookshelf staircase, and that one library owned by the dot-com mogul... Can't remember the name, though.... Great stuff, though, guys!

Alison said...

Thanks for all the work you put into this site. I rarely comment or even come over to the blog, for that matter (I get it on RSS), but I always enjoy your posts. You've got a great eye and I'm so happy I stumbled across your blog.

Happy New Year!

keshlam said...

Gotta admit, the hidden library is a "wow" item. I really want a secret room/passage in my place, but I haven't yet found a good way to achieve one that isn't obvious "missing space". I _might_ be able to manage a hidden dumbwaiter after my next heating system upgrade, which will make the chimney obsolete... if I can find a good way to extract the bricks and reconstruct that space without driving my cats crazy.

Bigredbarbie said...

Hey Sara, Sorry to do this in the comments section but I searched all three of your sites for an email and couldn't find one. I run the Austin fashion site and I'm working on a web video piece on steampunk in Austin. I'm interviewing some stores, some bloggers and some elaborate dressers and I would love to talk with you! Email me at Thanks and keep up the good work.

newman said...

love your work!


keshlam said...

Actually, I just realized where I can create a hidden space in my place. Studying disguised-door designs...


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