Friday, December 26, 2008

Thomas Hamel

Reader Natália and I are both fans of Desire To Inspire. (In fact, this is my 2nd find from them this month! Oops!) DTI recently spotlighted Australian designer Thomas Hamel.

This is a designer who loves books --I think this is the only bedroom I've seen with glass fronted bookshelves in it. I love the medieval map (Ben guessed Canterbury) set into the wall and framed with molding.

I'm not sure what the framed print is here (anyone else?), but you could have fun Photoshopping an old Scientific American print to get a similar affect.

I love the symmetry here -- the bookcase is centered at the end of a long hall, with the light extending the vertical line -- and the touches of the exotic in the Chinese seat and wicker chest under the window.


Lauren Sutter said...

Thanks for the constant inspiration!

btw - the print looks like it could be an Australian indigenous print. 'u' shapes around a circle often represent people at a campfire, whilst the sticks behind them can symbolise a spear. But I'm not great with Australian indigenous art, so I might be wrong!

Julie said...

Oh how very funny. I found you via Desire To Inspire which I keep on my own blog roll ( Will have to add you now!

J9 said...

Hi, the print is Australian Aboriginal artwork - for sure. But from which language group - I couldn't tell you.
Here's some info about the symbols you see in this image:
but the particular story they tell will be specific to the region of the artist.


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