Monday, June 28, 2010

Mechanical Iris Peephole

Maker Chris Schaie has created this wonderful irising peephole for his workshop -- and yours too!

Chris says "It was created via a long discussion thread on brassgoggles (Due credit goes to Robo Von Bismark on said forum for the design inspiration) and a lot of trial and error." He's also working to "create a full sized door incorporating this design for [Bruce Rosenbaum's] upcoming 20,000 leagues exhibition in Foxboro."

It's available at Maker's Market for $385.


Susan York Meyers said...

Thanks for sharing this. Love your blog:-)

God Bless,
Author of The Princess and the Pee

Kat said...

I adore this! Its one of those things if I saw it, I would have to have it.

I think I'm getting really starting to get into this Steampunk!!


Art Donovan said...

Isn't that such a great piece ? :)

Rain Barrel Collector said...

Would you like some iris window shades with that?

Lynne said...

This is terrific, Chris! I'd love this at my house!


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