Thursday, June 10, 2010

Cecelie Starin at the San Francisco Decorator Showcase

Cecelie Starin's PR person contacted me after one too many people called Starin's room in the San Francisco Decorator Showcase "steampunk."

The San Francisco Showcase house room is a bit too much on the "exotic" -- it's OK if it has a lot of safari or natural history style, but that zebra rug and all the horns are a bit much for me -- but it has some very redeeming qualities.

Like this chandelier:

Or this bookshelf:
Did you catch the Gothic touch in the choice of books?

I decided her style was more "traditional, with steampunkesque accessories." I looked through the rest of Starin's portfolio and found some other examples that I liked.

Muted, with map.

The color scheme is set by the globes, picked up by the books and the chair.

I love her use of maps and globes (I'm a bit globe-obsessed right now...). I think these rooms are a great example of how many rooms can be steampunk'd with the addition of some great art and knick knacks -- although I do think it helps to start with a more traditional or old fashioned style.


Robin Lemke said...

I really love the drapes by the sofa, too. That's fabulous!

gretchen said...

loved that light, too!


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