Sunday, June 20, 2010

Art Donovan's Newest Creations

Art is a longtime favorite here at The Steampunk Home, and it's been a while since we've seen a new piece from him (he's been too busy curating the steampunk exhibit at Oxford, among other things...) Luckily for us that dry spell is over.

Pictured above is the Oxford Station Wall Lamp. It's my favorite of the new pieces -- I love how it combines Art Deco lines, an long Edison bulb with such a large glass shade that reminds me of early surgical operating rooms (for some reason...)

This is the Ferryman Reading + Research Lamp.

Art says: "Captain Nemo had a tremendous library on board his vessel, the "Nautilus".
What the good Captain didn't have was a proper reading lamp."

Like the one your grandmother uses with her sewing. Only much, much cooler.

This one has a neat "flame in globe" bulb -- as if you were an alchemist experimenting with catching fire. Eventually Edison would beat you to it, though...

Thanks for sharing, Art!


Kat said...

I love your blog. I didn't know anything about Steam Punk until I saw it. Now I look forward to learning more about it and maybe even incorporating a bit of it into my home.

Thanks for all the great inspiration.

Pigtown*Design said...

i am guessing that this art donovan isn't the famous football player for the ex-baltimore colts in the 1960s.


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