Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Halo Styles

I was impressed by this random display in the Piedmont Triad airport. It's from a company called Halo Styles, and they fashioned the entire display case to resemble one of their trunks.

Love the parasols for filling in vertical space.

Corny, but I liked the resemblance to a trunk.

Sorry for the crappy pictures -- all I had was a camera phone.

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Sharon Day said...

I love displays. I have a couple of really ancient steamer trunks. I found them in an abandoned desert trailer park sitting in the middle of the ground, beaten by the elements. I took them home and cleaned them up and they still look ancient and wickedly cool. Set them one atop of the other and put the big screen TV on it. Inside, I store all my Halloween goodies... The pictures came out good for a phone camera!


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