Monday, April 13, 2009

Winner: London Particulars

The winner of the London Particulars giveaway is Mikki who recommended Edinburgh as the most steampunk city.

Thank you all for the creative and enlightening answers to the question of what is the most steampunk city -- from the major Victorian cities around the world to many others that I didn't realize had that "vintage industrial" feel -- I enjoyed reading each and every one, and hope you all did too.

Mikki, if you would email me (saracarl at gmail dot com) your shipping information, Derrick of London Particulars will send you your print and ring.


Garden Pheenix said...

As an aside, Scribbler mentioned Edinburgh before Mikki did... I dunno what the criteria was but yeah.

Sara said...

Hi Garden Pheenix -- it was a random drawing:

Monday evening I'll pick the winner using a true random number generator.But I made y'all work for it anyway...

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Garden Pheenix. Hey, at least Edinburgh won; I can live with that.


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