Friday, April 17, 2009

Steampunk at Restoration Hardware

This has been mentioned before, but Jon McDougal just mentioned the Steampunk finds currently on offer at Restoration Hardware again, and I thought it merited a post of it's own. One of the neat things about this line is that RH is spotlighting the artisans who design or make these pieces.


Unknown said...

I love ALL those items. If price were not a factor, I'd order the whole lot. Thanks for the post!


Dru said...

I keep going to the local Restoration Hardware and running my hands over that furniture-cart coffee table ... but I just can't rationalize spending that much! My battered old steamer-trunk coffee table cost me $50 and some cleaning time, and it serves double-purpose as a hobby-material storage container... :-P

Chae said...

They also have bookends shaped like gears and old typewriters. I love Restoration Hardware!

Unknown said...

These are easy to create by hand - no need to spend lavish amounts!

Search on ebay or antique stores for a cool wood tripod, buy a lamp shade and lamp kit, follow lamp kit instructions, and viola! Instant gratification for pretty inexpensively.

Timeless Kitchen Cabinetry said...

Love these pieces. I am a furniture maker and use a few of those factory carts in my shop. I bought a small auction lot of them when a factory closed down in North Carolina. When I was at the factory to pick them up I saw hundreds of them in large, vacant warehouse rooms. For anyone that is a steampunkish do-it-yourselfer, they can still be found inexpensively.

Sioux Gerow said...

Wisteria ( has some great pieces (or inspiration) and every once in a while a nice "Steamy" set in their mailer and onsite.
Fairly spendy, but some cheaper accessories.
I love the En Pointe chair - check it out.


Fresh said...

Have you seen what they have out now from their new Aviator collection.


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