Saturday, April 25, 2009

Gearhead Desk

via Gizmodo, a $21,000 desk by Dale Mathis with gears that actually move. Really. Go watch the video.


Laura said...

FYI, the video has been deleted.

Dave said...

Cool, but for what purpose? A desk featuring that much functional hardware better do something awfully cool to justify its existence.

Roving Jack said...

oh sweet, I would never get anything done at that desk.

I'd prettymuch just hypnotise myself by making the gears turn.

Crafty Maria said...

This is really cool desk. Wish I could design things like this!

daysease said...

Woh!! That is fabulous. If I had that much extra money, I would LOVE to get that for my hubby or one of my boys. What a conversation piece and worth using on rainy days to keep the kids busy!! ahahah!!


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