Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Birthday, Steampunk Home

Can you believe I've "been at" The Steampunk Home for two years today?

From my very first posts in April of 2007, and thanks to all of your wonderful suggestions, I've never lacked for material, only for time.

This blog is a labor of love -- it brings me such joy to find fun things, and to make friends in the process.

Ok, enough romantic sentimentality. I thought it might be fun to take a look at some stats about the last two years to go along with it:
  • 316 posts over the last 2 years: 30 this year, 129 in 2007, and 157 in 2008.
  • We've gone from 100 daily website visitors in August of 2007 (when I started counting) to 1000 daily visitors on a regulary basis
  • 2500 of you subscribe via RSS

Thank you all, for taking the time to read and share your finds.

What's been your favorite part of the last two years?


jjejjohn said...

Discovering there was a name for everything I liked

Empress said...

Having my definition of steampunk both refined and expanded with the discoveries I've made here and elsewhere! It's made my own creations more thoughtful and creative. I really appreciate the time you put into this blog and the high quality of your posts.

Amy Skidmore said...

That there are other people out there like me. And, we're a discerning bunch, I think. ;)

Ryan said...

I only recently found this blog, but I immediately took a shining to it. It's given me lots of ideas, especially on the flexibility of aesthetics and blending styles. Also, I really like the word "detritus."

Jen said...

I found you through the Holly Black Library. I'm far too cluttered to have an aesthetic in my home, but if I magically got rid of the kids' toys, it would be Steampunk all the way! I sure hope you make some money from this labor of love.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday. My favourite part has been seeing all the fantastic things I could have put in my home (if only my wife was a steampunk lover, too; alas, if wishes were fishes we couldn't go diving).

Waterbug said...

Thanks for doing so much leg work for us.

Unknown said...

Thanks for this great blog, and keep it up!

Art Donovan said...

Happy B-Day, Sara! Congratulations on your perfect Steampunk blog.

Cade said...

Happy (be-lated) Birthday!

I seem to have missed it. Your journal is one of the best I've seen on the web. Thanks for keeping it updated and always interesting! We love it.


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