Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Zeppelin House?

Ok, so the designers think it's more like a canoe, but Ecogeek likens it to living in a zeppelin, and I'd have to agree.

All those ribs! Curving surfaces! Not quite your everyday steampunk home, now is it? (If only it came in a darker wood....)

More on the CanuHome.

Thanks to Cristi for pointing this out to me.


Wulf said...

I saw this "building" at the Green Living Show in Toronto. My verdict: looks interesting in photos, but unlivable and absurd.

bernard said...

Wow this name it's perfect because reminded me when I was in a big zeppelin and my friends and I got a perfect party there and also we visited viagra online in order to get a better party.

SMiaVS said...

It sort of looks like a giant version of one of those Waldorf/Montessori play stands....


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