Sunday, May 11, 2008

Scissor Arm Lamps

Every since I posted this kitchen picture almost a year ago, I have been yearning for some wall lamps like the ones shown for my bedside table. At the time, I could only find one similar lamp on an antiques website, and they were described as "concertina arm" lamps. Recently, however, I discovered another name for them -- "scissor arm lamps -- and have since been able to find many other versions that I thought I would share with you.

Most of these are dearly held antiques, like this first from Found Objects of Industry:

The best collection is from RadioGuy:

And if the sconce doesn't do it for you, how about a floor lamp?
Or a desk lamp?

I also just spotted this type of lamp used *exactly* the way I want to use it by designers Nickey Kehoe

The good news with these scissor arm lamps is they are making a comeback, so they are available in moderate prices from at least two sources (mark my words -- I'm betting Pottery Barn or Restoration Hardware will have these within a year...).

The first is a slightly more modern interpretation:

I don't care for the shade, but it's only $160 at Lamps Plus. (It looks black, but it's actually a leaded bronze finish.)

The other is from previously mentioned hometown favorites Architects and Heroes. There's no price listed, but I would guess less than $300 based on the prices of their other sconces.

Aren't they fun? And practical? Just imagine how much more space you'll have for books (or a Nixie Tube Clock) on your bedside table when you mount one of these above it. I know I am!


Art Donovan said...

These are awfully cool lamps.
Really great!

Thanks for the post

Laila said...

Oooh, those are awesome lamps!

Unknown said...
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michael garvachow said...

I would like to renew my house with some designs, and i WAS seeking some of them in iserve pharmacy, and found nothing, but you have gave me some cute ideas, thank you...awesome blog

HollyH said...

It has been a while since this post. Have you come across any lamps like this under $100?


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