Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Art Donovan's Steampunk Pieces

Art Donovan is a regular reader and commenter here at The Steampunk Home. He's also, as the proprietor of Donovan Design, a designer and craftsman of lamps, lighting, and the occasional home accessory. Art was kind enough to mention his newest steampunk inspired pieces to me, and, of course, I want to share them with you.

His early steampunk efforts are online at HomePorfolio. First a steampunk clock in distressed brass (who even knew you could distress brass? I assumed you antiqued brass, but this is a very different look than antiquing.) Second is a steampunk style table lamp, with 4(!) different adjustment points.

Art's pièce de résistance, however, is his Siddhartha Pod Lamp, pictured at the beginning of this post. At 52" tall x 30" wide, it's an impressive, piece of work. It's entirely hand crafted of solid mahogany, solid copper and brass. Without a doubt, the most labor-intensive lamp I've ever created. Personally, I see it in the home of a evil mastermind -- something about the curlicue wood at the top reminds me of a mustache twirled by such a dastardly fellow.

Art is known to hang around here at the SPH, so if you have questions for him, feel free to post in the comments. (Mine: What are the vertical glowing light-bulb style tubes? Why name it Siddhartha -- I'm not quite sure I see the link between steampunk style and the Buddha?)

UPDATE! Art sent me answers to my questions:

To answer your questions- Easy! The tall light bulbs are called "Showcase bulbs" and they are really bright- 75 watts each. (#75T8) Add some "Baby Slinkys" around the bulbs and you're ready to go!

I have a dimmer switch for them located at the top of the lamp, (it's that little cone-shaped piece, pointing downward.) When the bulbs are turned all the way up (which I never do) they are massive, ridiculous bright.

All of our lamps are named by my wife and partner, Leslie. She also designs lamps and won't name them until they're completely finished. The "Siddhartha Pod" lantern has design elements of the British Raj Period of India, so that was her inspiration for the name. The "Pod" refers to the strange, vertical shape- (vaguely bio-mechanical like, I suppose).


Unknown said...

Stunning piece. I saw it on ANOTHER site and came here to mention it to you, but looks like you beat me to the punch.

Very pleasing to look at, but functional? I wouldn't have it in my lair. Would takke up too much space better consumed by more evil products.


Unknown said...

Congratulations ...
How you get these magnificent links? :)

howtosurvivecollege said...

Right now in my place, the walls are my biggest enemy--the more stuff to fill the space, the better. This light would be an awesome addition for me.

And I agree about the curly mustache!

EnGauged said...

Art, This is very representative of Steampunk culture. It leaves me wondering when the high voltage is going to arc into the orb.

The creative use of existing parts is the real bonus for any of us that create these peices and I am rather envious of the slinky idea. I would have passed the slinky by, but you have made use of it in such a terrific manor.

I am certainly keeping my eye out for more of your work.


McFilibuster said...

Oh how glorious! These pieces are wonderful! I would be proud to have any of them in my home.

Ethyl Cannes said...

I love the table lamp. I'd extra-love a floor version of it...for some odd reason all my tables seem to accumulate piles of stuff. It's baffling, really.

Ada [The Duchess] said...

Stunning. I love antiques.


It seems that Art Donovan is shedding fresh light on steampunk. Not only are his designs “retro-futuristic”, but further encourage an environmentally sustainable future by reusing what we all too often consider to be useless “junk”. I could say more, but I believe these designs speak for themselves.


Papermoonies said...

I am new to steampunk, I guess I have seen it mentioned here and there but I dont really know what it is. People have told me I represent such a description.
Perhaps you can take a peek and give me more insight.


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