Thursday, March 6, 2008

Electronics Shadowbox

Not everyone is as lucky as I am. *I* have a power electrical engineer for a father-in-law. I know, I know not something most people are envious of, but my father-in-law has a shop full of old bits and pieces of electronics and industrial equipment salvaged from the oil refineries he builds substations for.

The picture doesn't do it justice, but this is one of my "finds" from our last visit -- some sort of massively parallel power supply/controller mounted in a shadowbox and hung next to my back door. I loved the colors -- bright green capacitors and pink wires, and the fact that it is almost symmetrical but not quite.

As projects go, this was super simple -- remove some rods and screws that were sticking out of the board, buy shadowbox, mount with 4 stickpins, and hang. Not bad for such a unique piece of art!

p.s. My father-in-law wasn't quite sure what this was used for, so if you have an idea let us know in the comments!


wackyvorlon said...

All I can see are capacitors and inductors. It honestly looks like a filter to me. To know for sure you'd have to see how it's wired.

Anonymous said...

Hello...I was in the midst of an enthusiastic steampunk-related blog comment of links elsewhere, and my comments didn't post through.

Then I found your blog here (I'd actually seen it yesterday & forgotten - too many new links), and thought maybe you'd like to see them.

This entry seems like a good place, as I'm not sure exactly how on-topic they'd be considered as to steampunk. Hope you find something inspiring,

These are based on Viktor Schauberger's work:

About building a cloudbuster (re-greening arid deserts, yes!):

Music machinery and devices:

Steam cars:

a body of radiators would sound good now, at least from a design perspective,

not sure if this is fictional or real, just noticed it browsing justnow. Whatever it is it's very interesting,

Anonymous said...

The Perpetuum Mobile Space Vehicle:


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