Saturday, March 1, 2008

Keith's Steampunk Study

Reader Keith says "I hadn't realized how steampunk it had gotten until I converted the photo to black and white," about his study, and sent along some pictures for us to enjoy.

I found the hammock outside at an antique store at the end of the summer and they didn't want to store it. It was $150. It is a tapestry like fabric, fringed on the sides with a built in pillow stuffed with what feels like straw. Quite comfortable for reading with the cat on my lap.

The press was in another store listed as a wine press. It is wooden and very solid. I personally think it was used for bookbinding or something along those lines.

The certificate is actually a framed letter and envelope from 1900ish. It is from a brewery to a customer discussing a shipment and a pending tax on beer that is coming into effect soon.

On the light:I found it at home depot as an accessory light for a ceiling fan. Mounted on its own it adds a steampunk touch.

I love how this study reflects the inhabitants interests -- I'm guessing Keith is a home brewer, without even asking (a very steampunk pursuit, with all that turning water & grain into beer with pots, copper tubing, and large glass vessels...). My favorite part is the hammock -- who would have though to put a hammock in a study? Yet it's a comfortable spot year round, and great for visiting friends/spouses/kids.

I think this study illustrates how you can go about building steampunk style simply. Let your interests (which one assumes leans towards the antique and DIY, if you are attracted to steampunk) dictate your choices. Switch out just a single element like a light. One step at a time, and before you know it, you'll be surprised by how steampunk it's become.

Want a hammock of your own? Victorian Trading Company has a similar one for $199.

The light is what really makes this room steampunk -- and the good news is that this style is easy to find. Here's one in the same vein from lightingdirect. I love it -- wire encased, nautical looking -- gets you simultaneously an antique and industrial look.

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