Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Smell of Steampunk

I have been meaning for a while to write about Douglas Little, a "modern alchemist" and indeed, I will write at more depth at a later time on his exquisite dark taste that overlaps steampunk. (Among other notable things, he introduced Andy Paiko to the "general public" -- assuming you consider shoppers at Barney's the "general public.")

For today, however, I wanted to introduce you to his Modern Alchemy Candles. I don't normally include candles in my home decorating, but Mr Little's were too hard to pass up -- I'm afraid I just ordered his Tincture of Winchester. I couldn't resist infusing my house with the scent of "wood, 19th century lacquer, and smoky gunpowder."

If, perhaps, you are more of a pacifist steampunk you may prefer some of his other scents:

  • opium den: collapse in a languid, hazy cloud of resin, opiates and tobacco fumes

  • ex libris: antiquated leather-bound volumes of handmade papers and parchment permeate and seduce the senses

  • coney island: briny ocean scents with popcorn and machinery

  • speak easy: gin, pipe tobacco, and discretion

    The Professor said...

    When I was younger, my roommate and I used to make "goth club" incense. coffee beans, pipe tobacco, whole cloves, and a tiny bit of CK One perfume. It's a nice scent.

    Crazy Raven Productions said...

    I don't know if you're familiar with their work, but Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs is a similar company with a similar feel to it... they have a lot of lines of perfumes based on things like Lovecraft stories, Alice in Wonderland, and Shakespearian stories.


    I love their ideas, but unfortunately, I can't wear their perfumes because I'm allergic to one of the ingredients. Phooey. :(

    Sara said...

    Crazy Raven --

    I have looked at them -- the sheer quantity of choices is a bit overwhelming, but they have a lot of neat ideas....


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