Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Splendiferous Nautilus Office at 3 Ring Design

I'm speechless at the spectacle that is 21st century office space modelled after the Nautilus (20,000 Leagues Under the Sea). Simply brilliant.

The Wired Photo Essay
The article at the fabricators

More design ideas than you can shake a stick at: maps, libraries, leather club room style sofas, pipe motifs, Victorian wallpaper, wonderful bight colors: yellow, teal, red, velvet curtains, chaise lounges,

And I *love* the space framing arches.

Some how-tos to pull out of it:

--Most of the work is done with a ShopBot CNC Router at $12,000 it's not a casual purchase, but cheaper than many cars.
--chandeliers with frilly Victorian lampshades (seems like this could be adapted easily)
--check out the lights, made from "a $10 ikea light turned upside down"
--the desks -- oh the desks -- would be substantially harder to make with a band saw, but not impossible.

(tip of the hat to Brass Googles)

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Unknown said...

Note that cut-outs too fine for a bandsaw can be done with a jigsaw, and cut-outs covering too large an area can sometimes be done with a saber saw or a router. (If the work will not come to the saw, the saw must go to the work...)


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