Friday, June 29, 2007

Inspiration: Ralph Lauren Home

It shouldn't surprise me (since I own a very steampunk miltary jacket by the same company), but it did. The Ralph Lauren Company, which has been doing "vintage Americana" styles for almost as long as I have been alive, is a treasure trove of decorating ideas that fit the steampunk aesthetic. I am most impressed by the styling of their photo shoots -- 80% of the items in the pictures are not for sale, but simply to create ambience. (They have plenty of products, too, but they tend to be pricey. I've seen occasional pieces on deep discount at stores like Marshall's, and discount linens at Ross.)

The above bookshelf, for instance, could be improvised readily with steel pipe, painted a glossy black, topped with furniture grade shelving. (From the New Bohemian Collection, which is the most steampunk of the collections.)

The camp chair, above, appears in many of the collections. I think there are plenty of wooden folding chairs out there that could be made steampunk with a brocade or leather, perhaps some brass accents.

This photo frame seems like a simple fabrication with some stripped brass canisters.

In the Hilter Hills Collection you find a maritime influenced collection with interesting 'workroom' style furniture.

The La Boheme collection has elements of Gothic Steampunk -- lots of blacks and reds.

And, to a lesser extent, The Sheltering Sky Collection, The Secretariat Collection (it's very horsey), and The Desert Hills Collection for some Western Steampunk.


Crockett315 said...

Hi! I'd love to see this stuff, but I can't get the pics to show up! Anyone know where I can see them? thanks!

Crockett315 said...

Hi! Pics won't show up for me and the Ralph Lauren web site is impossible! Anyone know where I can see pics of this stuff? Thanks!

gino77 said...

It seems you need a lot of brass for these jobs! I have a site here that does alot of brass working, maybe it will be able to help you.


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