Friday, June 29, 2007

Conant Custom Brass

Conant Custom Brass is a custom brass fabricator in Vermont. Their online shop is chock full of steampunk styled items -- you just have to poke around a bit to find them. There are lovely clocks and rain gauges -- like the float and level rain gauge (of their own design) shown above. They have brass table fans and an adjustable brass draftsman table lamp.

They even have things I've never heard of before -- brass "dust corners" -- triangles that can be installed in stair corners to simplify sweeping:

They do a lot of historical commisions and custom work.

If any of you steampunk engineers need some inspiration, I suggest reverse engineering their illuminated signs: When an image is etched into the smooth surface of plate glass that's illuminated from the side, it glows magically. Letters and graphics give the impression they're generating their own light

And, just in case you were doubting their steampunk cred, they even make rayguns.

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