Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Steampunk Furnishings that don't exist but should

In my quest to find furnishings that inspire that certain steampunk feel in a house, I'd love to find the following:

1) A spaceship in a bottle. Like a ship in a bottle, but a spaceship. Preferably Serenity from Firefly.

2) Traditional looking china, like that pictured below, but with pictures of technological progress (either real or imagined) -- steam engines, computing machines, etc.

So -- enterprising young men and women -- I'm waiting...

Steam 50%
Punk 70%


Fer said...

There are small ships you could stick in bottles yourself.. china on the other hand is a bit harder to do and requires the use of a kiln.

Sara said...

Nice. And I think I've since discovered that many ships in bottles had the bottle bottom cut off, ship inserted, and then a metal tape put back around it. Not that hard to do, I think....

Lynne said...

This would probably cost a fortune but you could make some terrific dishware using one of these services and some very cool futuristic photos. This is an example, there's quite a few sites like this:


Thaumata said...

I have a crazy china set that I think you'd like. It was made by a company called 222 fifth and the series is called Slice of Life. Each plate, salad plate and mug has a different illustration on them of any number of oddities. Unfortunately, they don't make them anymore so it can be kind of hard to get your hands on them. There was an airship mug I never did get my hands on.

You can see a lot of them on this replacements site: http://www.replacements.com/webquote/22fsll.htm

I have moved to the UK recently, but when I lived in the states, I frequently found them still at places like Marshall's and the like, being sold off from the expensive department stores who were clearing them out.

I always envision a red, black and white kitchen that has them on prominent display. :D


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