Saturday, May 5, 2007

Gondola Day Bed

The Stiles Brothers, makers of the rattan travel trunk/computer cabinet I mentioned earlier, have some truly lovely pieces. A much less practical but more beautiful one that caught my eye was the Gondola Day Bed:

Doesn't it look like it was refashioned from the remnants of a balloon crash?

Yes, it's quite expensive. But you probably don't have a house large enough for it, either. One can dream, however, one can dream.

80% Steam
10% Punk


The Professor said...

I think a similar thing could be pulled off by starting with a rattan porch sofa. How cool would it be to make a balloon looking canopy thing to attatch to the wall, and then attatching it to the couch somehow?

ps-while looking for a picture of a rattan couch, I found this, which is insanely steampunk (in my mind)

Anonymous said...
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