Friday, May 18, 2007

NeoVictorian before NeoVictorian was Cool

Here at the Steampunk Home, we do not simply recommend home furnishings for your gentle abode. We wish to assist you in bringing a steampunk perspective and value to all of your homemaking endeavors. To this end I would like to introduce you to one Judith Martin. I would consider Miss Martin, in some realms known as Miss Manners, an integral part of the Steampunk home. Mr Brumfield and I own many of her books, and refer to them often when deciding on an appropriate course of action in a particularly sticky situation. (I must admit Mr. Brumfield is decidedly better at this than I am...)

A must for every home? Miss Manners' Guide to Domestic Tranquility: The Authoritative Manual for Every Civilized Household, However Harried.

If you have children (although I read well before I entered the child rearing portion of my life), I would recommend Miss Manners' Guide to Rearing Perfect Children

You can tell, just by the titles, that even if Miss Manners hasn't read a lick of science fiction in her life (although I strongly suspect she has) she would be charmed by the steamier side of steampunk.

100% Steam
50% Punk -- in today's world, having exquisite manners is definitely punk. :)

1 comment:

Walk Stars said...

Yes, Miss Martin is delightful. I would never have made the connection between her and steampunk but once you pointed it out it was so obvious! Thank you.


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