Monday, May 21, 2007

Art of the Week: Grace Palmer

There is so much wonderful steampunk art out there... but I just ran across Grace Palmer, a wonderful artist (and costumer!), on the steampunk fashion group. Some steampunk art tends a bit much toward the gothic or horror, but Grace's has, well, grace. Her windup animals (all sold, it seems) could be woodcuts out of a fairytale book. However, I fell in love with her Inventor, pictured above. One of the few female *creators* instead of *createds* in steampunk imagery.

Her prices are all quite reasonable -- if I read her site correctly, you can get a 5x7 print of the above for a mere $10.

Steam -- 100%
Punk -- 100%
(a rare homething that manages to be entirely steampunk!)

p.s. Don't miss her be-goggled, gun-toting adventuress!

1 comment:

Grace D. Palmer said...

Oh my - I just found my way here from Brass Goggles, and there I am! I'm so glad you like my work.

The windup animals have been sold. However, these little guys are commissionable for around $15, for people who are disappointed to miss them.

Again, thanks for the link!


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